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Essay Code Of Ethics And What It Means. 2 Code of Ethics and What It Means To Me Introduction Today, human services is a profession in which the upholding of integrity to clients, the public and society, colleagues, employers, to the profession and self is held in the highest of regards. Ethics is important to every society as it plays a critical role in shaping the individuals behaviours within a society. Since the dawn of human civilization, men have sought to keep human conduct in check to preserve the peace of society. Aristotle's philosophical theory on ethics is based on virtue. He argues that a virtuous person is one with acceptable character traits. According to him, virtues develop within an .

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After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Ethics 2. Definitions of Ethics 3. Need 4. Importance 5. Essay on ethics 6.

Character unlike behaviour is an intrinsic or basic factor which derives from inner most. Ethics in simple words is a treatise or science of morals, essay on ethics, moral principles and social conduct rules.

When we tell these words, there are right and wrong behaviour towards others; fair and unfair actions taken against someone or for someone; or some fair or unfair decisions. The beliefs what is right, what is fair and what is proper are our beliefs and our moral standards. The beliefs differ from individual to individual, place to place and time to time. What is right essay on ethics one place or situation may be wrong in other situation.

The moral standards also differ based on moral value an individual attaches. Any action can be termed good or right or bad or wrong are relative and moral judgments. The problem has one more side that who is making the judgment. From different sides the problem is seen in different light and accordingly the judgment, essay on ethics. The ethical problem is as old as mankind. Righteousness Dharma and the social concerns have changed from time to time or evolved.

Ethical values change from situation to situation essay on ethics as pr place, time. From righteousness Dharma flow forth pleasure and profit. Why then do we not follow Dharma? This word is used many times in place of ethics by mistake. These two words are different. Behaviour is external that is the response one makes with in interaction with others. The behaviour reflects the character of the individuals. Purity in behaviour is reflections of good character of the individual.

The character is within and hence core being of an individual whereas behaviour is external. Behaviour is short essay on ethics whereas character is long term. Personal have different shades of characters weak to strong levels.

Similarly the behaviour exhibited by individuals differs from weak to strong. Gandhi, in national context or JRD Tata in the organisational context are people with certain set of qualities as follows:. Any behaviour cannot be rationally notified. No behaviour is inherently right or wrong. Each person may obtain his own choice based on his choice of ethical principles. Nazi rules were justified by Hitler. Morals are principles of right and wrong.

It comes by teaching and experience. Moral habits are standards of behaviour, essay on ethics. Prescribes and makes judgments on moral behaviour.

It expresses opinions and attitudes about human conduct. The basic questions essay on ethics asks are how a man should act, especially when the actions have direct or indirect effect on others. They essay on ethics mutually opposite and company that makes profit was not considered an ethical company. Since then the management education, widening of markets and consumerism worldwide have given profits its important place in business.

Today it is considered profit is a must for any business for its existences and growth. In fact not making profit is considered unethical today. Business ethics in simple terms is application of ethics in businesses.

Business has to go with its economics as well as social obligations. Any managerial decision has to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, essay on ethics, just and proper.

It is also seen that the ethical companies which took care of their social responsibilities have survived competition and growing, essay on ethics. Ethical issues occur in decision making in industry, education. A case-let giving the ethical issues of medical bond are detailed in Box 8. The business organisations which act legally and ethically not only save lot of money but also gain public support and reputation in whatever new ventures the organisation takes.

The importance of ethics in business is many folds. Business is part of society. Whatever ethical principle apply in society apply to business. Example tax evasion is considered unethical in essay on ethics. If a company deliberately evades tax payments the company is treated unethical. All stakeholders have an eye on the culture and behaviour of a business organisation due to dominance of economics in the society.

The public expects a high level of ethical behaviour from the business organisations. Whereas a company that recalls unsafe product is respected. High level of morale and productivity can be easily obtained in companies that treat their all employees with equality, encourage good team and work culture, and with ethical practices.

The employees in the company as well as those connected feel good and develop a mutual trust. Employees get attraction to ethically and socially responsible companies. An ethical organisation command trust and respect of all its stakeholders.

The organisation essay on ethics image for itself. Ethical good image is important because all stakeholders stand to gain. Deterioration essay on ethics relationships, damage to reputation and reduction of employee productivity, loyalty that come out of unethical practices cost companies.

An uncaring employer will find it difficult to employ good professions for his business, essay on ethics. The ethically managed companies command respect from public as well as government organisations, essay on ethics. These companies have a brand value and accepted as leaders in the industry.

The company policies with regards to profit sharing bonuses, social responsibility, balance of work and social life are quoted. Ethical behaviour of an industry or business gives a win-win situation to all the stakeholders and general public. The governments also encourage such companies. The integrity and ethical practices become all-pervading in the organisation and increase organisational effectiveness.

Ethics deals with human beings only. It is only human beings who have the freedom of choices. Ethics is a normative science. Normative science is judging the situations, analyse the facts, weigh the consequences in terms of an idea and take judgment.

The judgments are taken many times based on what the end results should be. Ethics deals with human conduct. The human conducts are sometimes voluntarily, sometimes forced depending on the situations and the end expectation of results. In other words ethics deals with moral judgment regarding voluntary human conduct. Any decision in situational ethics takes it into account, the goals, the motives, the methods and the consequences and their sub-factors as detailed in the figure:.

Business ethics is application of ethics in business. Business itself is considered ethics as profit can be made by ethical means. Discussions are held regarding the profit maximisation and social responsibilities as opposite ends.

By a proper management decisions these two ends can be made to give better results by following ethical business practices. The question is debated since the industrialisation period. The management thinkers like Adam Smith and others were of opinion that business has nothing to do with ethics. The church or temple only can think and evaluate ethical portion.

The churches or temples had say in all spheres of human activity including business, essay on ethics. The business is considered a sub set of a society. Hence business has in it the morals of the society.

In medieval era the churches prescribed that business must do well to the society. Celebrated economists Adam Smith and Friedman were of view that business should concentrate in business activity of production, profits and costs.

The social issues are left to others like governments and society. Thinking much of ethics in business may perhaps take up to olden essay on ethics and temple days. The efficiency of industry of business will go down, essay on ethics. Business should only obey laws of the land and achieve its economic goals.


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Ethics is important to every society as it plays a critical role in shaping the individuals behaviours within a society. Since the dawn of human civilization, men have sought to keep human conduct in check to preserve the peace of society. Jun 13,  · Ethics is essentially what a person believes is good or bad. By definition ethics is “rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good or bad” (Merriam-Webster, ). There are different theories of ethics which include virtue ethics, utilitarianism ethics, and the deontology theory. Get Your Custom Essay on Ethics Paper. The Importance of Ethics in Society Essay. Words 4 Pages. Ethics are moral principles or values that govern the conduct of an individual or a is not a burden to bear, but a prudent and effective guide which furthers life and success. Ethics are important not only in business but in academics and society as well because it is an.