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Marriage and Couples Therapy Articles. Relationship struggles can be difficult to deal with. They can leave you wondering where to turn. They can make you feel alone, frustrated and trapped. Marriage counseling guides: find the best marriage therapist in your area and learn how to get your marriage back on track. Marriage counseling isn’t just one spouse’s attempt to control the other. It’s true that one spouse is almost always more invested in counseling than the other. Sometimes one spouse gives the other an ultimatum – essentially ‘agree to counseling, or the relationship is .

7 Reasons to Seek Marriage Counseling

McCain brushed off criticism, explaining that different people deal with things in different ways. But domestic abuse survivors challenged her perspective marriage counseling articles urged her to disavow her comments, marriage counseling articles.

I think McCain was really just caught up in the pressure of a live show. That, combined with the know-it-alls on Twitter, created the perfect storm of controversy. And one that can result in devastating consequences.

Because there are no perfect people. Even on our best days, we each have our struggles, marriage counseling articles. Every one of us misreads signals. We fail to verbalize our thoughts and feelings accurately. These things are normal in all human relationships. But when those things become more and more common, the stress on the marriage relationship becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

Most people spend more time and money maintaining their vehicles than their marriages. How many marriages could benefit from a regular checkup? Many couples wait until their relationship has gone completely off the rails to even begin seeking help. Many marriages are in this unfortunate shape by the time they consult a counselor. But even in the most difficult situations, I look for opportunities to inject hope while being realistic about the challenges ahead. Well, for some couples this is clearly the case.

That always makes me sad. I know very few counselors who get excited about testifying in divorce court. We are trained to help individuals and couples work through issues, not navigate legal minefields. As a result, most of us make pretty lousy witnesses. Media reinforces this cynical viewpoint time and time again. I cringe at the way TV shows portray therapists—all in an effort to get a good laugh from the viewing audience.

Counselors go to school for years and practice under a high level of supervision before they can be licensed by the state counseling boards. And simply a symptom of marriage counseling articles emotional distress. So what is marriage counseling all about? No two situations are exactly alike, but here are four general tasks all counselors engage to some extent.

When a storm comes through town, things can get scary. The lights may go out. The wind might blow debris around. People may get hurt or killed. The damage may be marriage counseling articles or quite extensive. An early goal of marriage counseling is to help the couple assess their strengths and growth areas. Help evaluate trouble spots. Then we work through issues marriage counseling articles a way that is healthy, respectful, and productive.

Whether the couple decides to push through the pain and fight for the relationship or go their separate ways is up to them to decide. Competent counselors and therapists guide each spouse to express marriage counseling articles or her own feelings in the emotionally safe confines of the counseling office. When I meet with couples, I like to get a good sense of the history of the relationship.

How they met. The nature of the relationship before marriage. And the trouble spots and hot topics that are bringing them to seek professional help. Rarely is one person sufficient to manage a major crisis, whether a physical storm or an emotional one. Depending on the nature of the issues and their impact on each partner, referrals to a psychiatrist or other medical doctor may be warranted. A team approach to crisis management allows for other helping professionals to speak into the situation.

Trust is the foundation of all personal relationships. It just goes with the territory, marriage counseling articles. If the marriage is under stress due to emotional or sexual infidelity of one or both partners, then identifying the contributing factors becomes crucial.

Rebuilding trust is one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes a couple can experience. There are no shortcuts. Even the counselor is constantly weighing the trustworthiness of the clients. When a tornado damages a home, the owners meet with various parties to determine what to do. Contractors may be able to repair the damage, but sometimes insurance adjusters recommend starting completely over. These are the kinds of decision points that couples in crisis invariably reach.

Good therapists help couples see all the possibilities. Then the couple can make decisions that are consistent with their values, beliefs, commitment level, and mental, emotional, and spiritual resources.

I always remind my clients that marriage is a journey, not a destination. But it has always been worth it. From my own vantage point, marriage counseling is not about restoring the relationship. Rather, marriage counseling is about rebuilding marriage counseling articles creating something new, even better than what they had before.

If you are struggling in your own marriage relationship, it might be time to seek help. Sure, do the date nights together. But more than that, take advantage of marriage enrichment classes, seminars, books, and getaways. One of the most significant indicators of potential progress is the relationship between the couple and their therapist.

The connection cannot be overstated. Find marriage counseling articles who shares your values and beliefs about marriage, and who will be open and honest with you. No matter how difficult the truth is to hear. Garrick D. Conner is a licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, ordained minister, and freelance writer. We exist to help you succeed in the three most important relationships in life. God, marriage counseling articles, Spouse, Kids.

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Through reviews, articles and discussions, Plugged In exists to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving you and your family the essential tools you need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which we live. Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored all-inclusive intensives offer marriage counseling for. Marriage counseling guides: find the best marriage therapist in your area and learn how to get your marriage back on track. Does Medicare Cover Marriage Counseling? It is not uncommon for a marriage to hit a rough patch occasionally over the years. It doesn't mean that your relationship is a failure, or that it is a sign of weakness to seek help. Sitting down with a therapist for marriage counseling may give your relationship the boost it needs to get back on track.