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skate park business plan

Skate Park Business Plan - Writing a Skate Park Business Plan. Skate Park is a facility for skateboarders and inline skaters. Usually the skate park has an elaborate streetcourse designed to entertain and challenge skaters, whether they are beginners or experienced. Jan 25,  · Whether or not the entrepreneur decides to pursue an angel investor or small business loan to get the business up and running, a quality business plan is needed to map out a plan for ongoing success. Following are some of the typical points addressed in the skateboard business plan:Author: OGS Capital. About this business plan. Skate Park NW is a new skate skiing resort located in the Oregon Cascades offering miles of groomed trails. With little competition, incredible trails, and a solid management team, Skate Park NW will be able to execute its comprehensive business plan.

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I have a book on the subject, this is a blog, skate park business plan. Buy the book skate park business plan a complete plan. Tuesday, April 12, How to start an indoor skatepark.

As a guide I thought I would break down what a novice would need to do to start a skatepark from scratch. Formulate a plan - how will it work, who will work it, skate park business plan, how will you pay your bills, what business structure tax and liability issues will you have?

Do some research - Do you even know where you could put a park? What are the costs per month of the building? How many skaters are there, and how many of these will pay to skate? Get your finances in order. Do you have money? Do you have enough to exist for 6 months without earning a cent?

How long will you be able to have expenses without making money before things will get stressful? The longer you can last, the longer you will last. You will need build up time with lots of expenses and no income. What happens too if people are slow to respond? Can you spread your own finacial liability out with other investors? Market before you have anything going. Start the buzz early. Plan for a media blitz for when you open, get all the free press you can. Invite web, print, tv to your place.

Have an "event". Maximize your revenue. Don't just skate park business plan on skateboarders to pay the bills. Sell food, stuff, lessons, rentals, private park hours, party rooms, party events, christian events, before and after school events, camps, demos, advertisements, group lessons, what every you can.

There is no shame in making this business work by selling things, this is your business, you have to pay yourself, your taxes, skate park business plan, lights, sewer, trash, etc. Keep it clean, think of the parents. Parents want a safe place for their kids, they are the ones footing the cost of this place. Make them happy with a nice place to watch, use the rest room, read whatever.

Sell them things while they are there. Network - skateshops, skate park business plan, other parks, parks departments, community service, police, whomever can help you get people in the door. Keep good track of your expenses. This takes time and effort. Make sure you have a good system to record data for you, skate park business plan, what sells, what doesn't, who comes, skate park business plan doesn't.

Use your data to improve your business. Hire good people who are kind yet firm about helping you stay in business. Free only means you paid, not them. You aren't skate park business plan with free, free offers nothing but ramps and rails, you offer lights, food, supervision, air conditioning, heat, a phone, a pair of eyes that are ready to help if someone is hurt. This is worth money and people need to understand this.

Free yourself to do business things - If you are spending all your time at the park, hire someone to help you do the things you need to do. Spend some money. Is your money better spent hiring someone to man the front, or design an advertisement?

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skate park business plan


Skate Park NW skate park skiing business plan company summary. Skate Park NW is a new skate skiing resort located in the Oregon Cascades offering miles of groomed trails. Apr 04,  · How to start an indoor skatepark and promoting a skate park. Available now! Filled with ideas and info needed to open and run a park, organize and monetize what you have, and help you through the business issues related to running a skateboarding business. When considering how to make a business like a skatepark, one must look at other. The Citywide Parks Master Plan identifies an 18, square-foot skate park at the northwestern corner of Sportsfield Park on Mowry Avenue next to Fire Station No. Preliminary concepts for the skate park include both elevated and depressed skate features, seating and viewing areas, and shade structures.